Kathleen Kane to 6abc: Everybody makes mistakes

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Brian Taff interviews Kathleen Kane. (WPVI)

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane will not seek another term in office.

She made that announcement earlier in the day at a press conference in Scranton, Pa..

"At the end of my life, I hope that history judges me well. But that's for time to tell. I hope more that God and my sons judge me well," Kane said.

Kane explained her decision by saying she wanted to spend more time with her kids.

She only made reference to the charges she's facing of leaking confidential grand jury information to the media.

Afterward, she sat down for a one on one interview with Action News anchor Brian Taff.

Brian Taff: General, in the process of everything that's unfolded in the last couple of years, your family and your office have both suffered tremendously, and I wonder if you think at the end of the day that this fight has been worth it?

AG Kathleen Kane: My sons have learned that you don't stand on the sidelines, that you fight the fight and you fight it the best you can every day. I believe my legacy is going to be in time that I have torn down this good old boy network.

Brian: But with the prospect of reelection out of the way, are you General prepared to admit that you made any mistakes?

AG: Everybody makes mistakes. I knew there was a good old boy network, everyone does. I had no idea how deep and how powerful that network actually ran. The fact that I took it on and I wasn't silent about it and that I am determined to tear that down, I think that's what my legacy will show.

Brian: You say the time will bear out the legacy that you hope to have here someday, but a recent poll shows that just 26% of Pennsylvanians approve of the job that you have done, that is a steep uphill climb to convince the rest of those folks that you've done a good job. What do you say to them?

AG: I say that the polling I have seen, not only my poll, but the Harper poll shows that I am up by double digits over the other candidates. I have also seen that the Senate action has failed to remove me by indicating that I couldn't do my job, so clearly I can do my job.

To be clear, Kathleen Kane may not be running for reelection, but she is not resigning and we'll see her in office and the criminal courtroom in Montgomery County.

Brian did ask her if we will ever see her again in another capacity down the road and her answer was "I hate politics. I am not a politician." But she refused to rule out another elected office someday.
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