Local voters, officials respond to Trump's rigged election claims

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Weeks from Election Day and with slipping poll numbers, Donald Trump has been warning his loyal followers that voter fraud is widespread and the system is rigged against him.

He has used Philadelphia as an example of a city where voter fraud could steal the election.

And this weekend his surrogates reiterated the claims.

"You want me to tell you that I think the election in Philadelphia and Chicago is going to be fair? I would have to be a moron to say that. I would have to dislearn everything I've learned in 40 years of being a prosecutor," Rudy Giuliani said.

A Gallup poll found that half of Republicans believe voter fraud will be a problem this election.

One in three adults on both sides of the aisle consider it a major problem.

"That's them creating controversy so that when they lose they've got something to gripe about, that's all," Randolph Gundy of Olney said.

"I think voter fraud would be a problem anywhere in any state in any city," Lisa Katzoff, of East Rutherford, New Jersey said.

But experts have long dispelled those claims.

Trump's rhetoric has drawn sharp criticism from election officials from both parties across the country.

And in Philadelphia, even Republicans say Trump is wrong.

Including Al Schmidt, the Vice Chairman of the City Commissioners, a Republican on the three-member board.

"There is much that can and does happen, but none of what happens undermines the integrity of our elections the way those comments do. Voters should have confidence that every vote will be counted and every vote counts in Philadelphia," Schmidt said
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