Saving on grocery bills without clipping coupons

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A few small changes in the way you shop could save you thousands of dollars a year. (WPVI)

A few small changes in the way you shop could save you thousands of dollars a year.

For many families, groceries eat up a huge chunk of the family budget.

ABC News Lifestyle Editor, Genevieve Brown, heads to a grocery store to help save some big bucks without clipping coupons.

Brown suggests using the one-of-a-kind app Grocery Pal, which puts the savings right into your cell phone.

Simply plug in your zip code and it brings up a list of stores in your area and automatically directs you to in-store sales.

Another supermarket suggestion is to pick products from the top and bottom shelves - they're often priced at a better deal.

"The most expensive items are the ones that the grocery store puts at eye level," said Brown.

Many great deals can also be found at the end of the aisles, so make sure not to neglect them.

Brown also says you can use apps like Checkout 51 or Ibotta to actually get paid to shop.

They ask you to watch a video or take a survey about the product you're about to buy.

"After you're done shopping, select your items, scan the barcode and upload your receipt for instant cash back," said Brown.

Finally, consider using websites like KitchMe, which suggests recipes based on what's on sale that week.

And get instant coupons using websites like Lozo, Retailmenot or Coupon Sherpa, which rounds up instant offers in your area based on your shopping list.
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