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Turn closet clutter into cold, hard cash

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Cold, hard cash could be hiding in not only your closet, but also in your clutter. (WPVI)

Cold, hard cash could be hiding in not only your closet, but also in your clutter.

LearnVest founder, Alexa VonTobel is helping mom Eliza Danielson find hidden money around the house.

Her first tip is to turn your old clothes into cash.

Alexa shares her secret on how to get the most from sites like Tradesy and Poshmark.

"Bundling things together as an outfit works really well for adult clothes just like this. So you can price them together, get a little bit more money and get rid of more stuff," she says.

The dress paired with a pair of shoes can make you a quick $100.

Next, make selling seasonal

"Winter coats, peak time is going to be in the fall," said Alexa.

When it comes to the old electronics, use sites like Gazelle AND U-Sell. But make sure you sell quickly!

"If you get a new iPhone or iPad, sell the old one immediately. Old iPods go for about $20 dollars on Ebay and the iPad mini is about $70 dollars on U-Sell," said Aleza.

Finally, don't cound out that really outdated technology, like DVDs, CDs or even boomboxes and stereos. Try to sell it on eBay or on sites like Decluttr.

"You get about a dollar per DVD. All in this is probably about $40 worth of DVDs," said Alexa.

And an old boombox could go for about $40 bucks on eBay!

From a pile of trash to a bundle of cash, the Danielson's clothes sold for $648, plus some electronics for $178 and miscellaneous items for $311!

In total, the family earned about $1,100 extra cash!
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