Dash cam captures police officer saving man from burning car

Sgt. Batchik made a daring rescue by saving an elderly man from a burning car. (Tyler B / YouTube)

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Incredible dash cam police video captures the heart stopping moments when two Ohio police officers rescued a man from a burning car. It all started when Sergeant Mike Batchik was called to the Hartville Market in Uniontown, Ohio when witnesses reported two cars were on fire. When Batchik arrived, a group of people were already trying to rescue an unconscious man still in one of the vehicles.

Captain Dave Brown arrived to assist Batchik, and the two were able to use a window punch and a fire extinguisher to break the car's passenger side window, freeing the 68-year-old unconscious man.

According to 19 Action News, the man reportedly had a medical emergency causing him to pass out behind the wheel while pulling into a parking space. This lead to the driver hitting his foot on the gas pedal, hitting the car in front of him which made both vehicles catch on fire.

You can see the remarkable video footage above.
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