Bush turns 90: Public figures with impressive longevity

To wish a happy birthday, to former President George HW Bush, we take a look at some men and women who have been around long enough to really dub something "the best invention since sliced bread."

If anyone has plenty of stories to tell, it's these people. And they're still making more.

George HW Bush, age 90
What's he up to? You can catch him in the skies. The former president has long planned a parachute jump for his 90th birthday, and based on his tweet this morning, he actually jumped!

Betty White, age 92
What's she up to? Working on Off Their Rockers and Hot in Cleveland, and just generally being the Betty we love

Abe Vigoda, The Godfather actor, age 93
What's he up to? Honestly, Abe still knows how to entertain. He made an appearance at a Phish concert last October, posing as the same wombat that had hip-hopped earlier onstage. (Skip to 6:05 to see him)

Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, age 91
What's he up to? Producing so many movies I couldn't list them here. Seriously, his intensely packed IMDB page speaks for itself.
Also check out his pitching arm:

Nancy Reagan, age 92
What's she up to? Though in frail health, she remains in the public eye, and she visits her husband's grave every year on the anniversary of his death.

Christopher Lee, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars actor, age 92
What's he up to? Catch him as Saruman in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, out this December. Also, he and his wife still make appearances together. Aww.

Carl Reiner, writer/producer of The Dick Van Dyke Show, age 92
What's he up to? Reiner can occasionally be spotted on Two and a Half Men as Marty Pepper, otherwise known as Allen's father-in-law

Billy Graham, age 95, evangelical minister
What's he up to? Last year Graham released both a DVD and a book, The Reason for Hope: Salvation.

Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, age 91
What's he up to? He wrote an opinion piece about the conflict in Ukraine for the Washington Post earlier this year.
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