Baby giraffe undergoes a plasma transfusion to save its life

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Two zoos in Colorado teamed up to nurse a new-born giraffe back to health. (Denver Zoo and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

Two zoos in Colorado have teamed up to nurse a baby giraffe back to health.One-week old calf Dobby was born without enough infection-fighting proteins. The Denver Zoo and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's staff teamed up to give the infant giraffe a plasma transfusion.

"We remain optimistic that Dobby's health will improve. However, we are taking his condition seriously. We have also provided Dobby with antibiotics to treat infection in his system and are monitoring his blood daily," said Denver Zoo Associate Veterinarian Betsy Stringer.

Dobby and his mother will remain behind the scenes until he gains strength. The zoo's giraffe building will remain closed during their first days together to provide them peace and quiet.
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