Kids wearing GoPro cameras get launched into the air by giant blob

Summer campers strapped on a GoPro camera to film their reactions as they were launched in the air by a giant inflatable airbag known as "the blob." (Jordan Loscher/GoPro/YouTube)

Here's a bunch of campers who are taking summer fun to new heights.

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One of the most time-honored camp traditions is "the blob," a giant inflatable airbag that launches campers high into the air followed by a descent into a chilly body of water below. In the video above, summer campers wear a helmet equipped with a GoPro camera to their reactions as the blob launches them high into the air.

The "blob selfie" videos are from The Film Jar, a film/videography company based out of Quincy, Ill. You can see more of the blob selfie videos at their website.

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