This guy made a homemade flamethrower using corn starch


Did you know that the corn starch in your pantry can be extremely flammable? It's little bits of knowledge like that prove that anything can be turned into a dangerous weapon. Watch as this man turns an otherwise innocuous kitchen staple into "flamethrower fuel."

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The corn starch flamethrower device, which creator Ivan Owen calls "The Conflagulator," is a Frankenstein'd invention consisting of parts taken from a battery-powered leaf-blower, a cooking hopper, and a propane torch. Assembled together with PVC pipe, steel brackets and zip-ties, Owen steps out onto a field of dry, dead foliage of all the terrible places in the world to test out his fire-spitting machine.

After Owen ignites the torch and turns on the leaf blower, he spins the handle on the hopper to let the corn starch fall through the pipe, blasting huge bursts of fire at his zombie targets. Owen laughs maniacally as his enemies are incinerated, making us terrified for our lives.

Owen warns to not try this at home, and we couldn't agree more.

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