Man captures 2,660-mile hike in amazing three-minute video

(Halfway Anywhere/Storyful)

A hiking enthusiast managed to capture all the incredible sights down the 2,660-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in a three-minute collage of clips.

Mac of HalfwayAnywhere set out on an amazing journey in May 2013 to hike the PCT that stretches down from Canada to Mexico, through Washington, Oregon and California. Passing through 25 national forests and seven national parks, the trail takes approximately five months to complete.

This video features quick snapshots of Mac's journey, summing up nearly half a year of hiking into a surreal montage of beautiful landscapes and season changes in first-person perspective.

"I hope this video continues to spread the beauty of the PCT and share its glory with hikers and dreamers alike," Mac wrote in the YouTube description.
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