Firefighter escapes brushfire whirlwind

Firefighter Vincent Pashko managed to escape a brushfire by jumping into the Sturgeon River in Canada. (Stuart Loomis/YouTube)

A firefighter managed to narrowly escape from a sudden whirlwind of fire by jumping into the Sturgeon River in St. Albert, Canada.

Vincent Pashko and other firefighters showed up to contain a campfire that had spread near the river on April 14, 2016. They found it challenging to get to the source of the fire and as winds picked up, Pashko was suddenly being chased by a flaming whirlwind.

"The little bit of brush that was behind us lit on fire and...created a windmill, almost like a tornado," Pashko told CBC News.

Pashko wasn't the only one to escape the brushfire by jumping in the river. A group of moose also used the body of water to get out of harm's way.
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