Refreezing on the minds of PennDOT, drivers

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The concern turns to the refreeze. (WPVI)

With several inches of snow on the ground and temperatures barely breaking out of the 30s, the concern turns to the refreeze.

At Orner's Garden Center on Eagle Road in Havertown, landscaping crews stopped in to pick up salt - bags and bags of salt.

The sun came out Tuesday afternoon and melted some of the snow and ice away.

Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore was fairly dry by late afternoon except around the edges where puddles formed.

Sidewalks that were salted are now wet as well and they too could turn slick once the temperatures drop again tonight.

Ruben Wynn waited until late afternoon before he set out to get the snow off his car.

"I was just sitting around waiting for it to be a little warmer, I guess," Wynn said.

The sunshine and warmer temperatures helped to dry out the area's main highways.

Still, PennDOT stayed at it to stay ahead of any possible problems that might arise once the sun sets.

"We are working at pushing back the snow, getting it as far off the roadway to the shoulders. We want to get the roads as clear as possible. We'll also be doing some isolated salting in areas where we may see water standing," Gene Blaum of PennDOT said.

PennDOT will keep trucks out on the highways through rush hour to monitor conditions.

They'll make a decision once the sun sets as to how many trucks will stay on overnight to address any possible refreezing.
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