Road crews get ready for rush hour snow

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Action News reporter Katherine Scott reports on how the road crews are preparing for the snow arrival. (WPVI)

Roads could be slippery Wednesday afternoon and the visibility low in the Delaware Valley.

Motorists should take it easy when they get behind the wheel today.

PennDOT crews have been out all night long. They are out now and will be during the storm.

Crews were out at the salt yard in Norristown, Pennsylvania, loading up stock piles as the storm approaches.

Penndot will have 333 state and rental trucks out for this latest round of winter weather.

Not a lot of accumulation is expected, but the timing of the storm during rush hour can make their jobs harder.

John Krafczyk of Penndot said, "Our trucks got to go with the speed of traffic. You get routes like the Schuylkill or Blue Route, we are pretty much at a crawl and that's the rate we can spread salt."

Trucks were out brining Tuesday and crews were also dispatched last night spreading salt to try to prevent the evening rain from freezing.

This winter hasn't brought high snow totals like last winter, but it has provided its fair share of messes- like last Sunday's freezing rain that led to multiple pileups and fatalities.

This is the 8th time this season Penndot has deployed more than 100 trucks and they have their eye on the potential for two more storms within the week.

"It is comparable to last year, we just haven't had the long duration storms, they've been quick hitters that come in hard and we have to dress it immediately," said Krafczyk.

PennDOT will continue to be on the roads throughout the night to make sure the roads look okay before the morning commute.
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