Morning Moms: Celebrating milestones during the COVID-19 pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- In today's "Morning Moms" we're featuring Lyn Jackson-Polk of Sewell, Gloucester County who has celebrated major milestones with her four daughters during the pandemic.

Kennedy graduated high school and is now a freshman at Rowan University.

Madison started high school in the fall and has yet to have a class in the physical building.

Twins Isabella and Olivia are now in the sixth grade.

The one thing the girls haven't stopped is cheerleading.

The girls still cannot practice with the team. Instead, they put on competitions for the neighbors and practice tumbling out in the front yard.

Jackson-Polk quickly learned it wasn't just her daughters learning valuable lessons during this challenging time. She said, "This whole pandemic has been very challenging, but I have to say I've just learned to let the dishes go. Sometimes you have to eat dinner in front of the television and use this time to bond as a family."

Her advice for other parents, "Just know that this is not going to last forever. We will get through this. Just keep up the good work and do what you can do. I'm sure you're doing a good job."

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