Horsham, Pa. mom stuck in San Antonio, Texas with little food and heat, no water

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WPVI) -- As the tri-state region prepares for another snowstorm, parts of the south are still at a standstill from last weekend's winter weather.

In fact, one local mom has been stranded in increasingly worsening conditions in Texas for days now.

Tiffany Rivel of Horsham, Pennsylvania is in San Antonio for the United States of America pageant.

The event wrapped up this weekend and she was set to fly home Monday, but all of her flights have been canceled and it could be days before she gets out.

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More than 100 million people live in areas covered Wednesday by some type of winter weather warning, watch or advisory.

She's trapped in a hotel with little heat, little food available and no running water.

"People are going to the Riverwalk downstairs and filling up their trash cans from their hotel room with water from the river to pour in their toilet tanks so we can simply flush the toilets," Rivel explains.

"We're in the middle of a pandemic with no access to wash your hands. There's no hand sanitizer. You can't take a shower. There's nothing."

The 100 contestants are staying at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio, where they say they are still being charged, even without working water.

Hotels in the area are sold out, they can't find a rental car, gas is running out and restaurants are closed.

"It's slushy here," she says of the weather conditions. "If it were Philadelphia, we would be perfectly fine. This is nothing for Philadelphia. But for San Antonio, it's snow they haven't seen in 40 years and it's going to snow again tonight and re-freeze."

So now they all wait for flights out of San Antonio.

In the meantime, the contestants have tried to contact FEMA and the American Red Cross and they're waiting to hear back.
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