Good Samaritan offers free rides to essential workers during winter storm

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- While residents are digging out from the snow, a Philadelphia resident who lives in the city's East Falls section is offering free rides to essential workers, specifically those in health care.

Ian Poush has been offering his services to doctors, nurses, or any medical support staff who need help getting to into work or home from their shifts, but can't navigate the icy roads.

"I had four initially reach out. I was able to take two and two others were able to get a ride," said Poush. "I have a couple of people "pending". They're not sure how they will get back after their shift."

So far, Poush has helped an operating room technician and a nurse at a senior home. He also made a trek to central Pennsylvania. He picked up Kavi Prom in South Philadelphia, who has a shift Friday morning working security at a medical facility in Harrisburg.

"It's kind of hard to get around, especially when I'm not sure when the next crazy weather is going to pop up," said Prom.

Poush offered the free rides on Facebook to ensure those who are essential workers have one less thing to worry about during the inclement weather and the pandemic.

"Your regular hospital staff that needed to be there, your maintenance staff, your security guards, they're essential as well. Yes, they're not directly treating patients, but the doctors and nurses need them there," said Poush. "If there's anyone else out there who has capable vehicles, absolutely reach out to your local communities. Do what I'm doing and just help these people out. I can't think of a better time."
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