Shelter Me: House Rabbit Society

NEWPORT, Del. (WPVI) -- If you are looking for a fuzzy and warm pet, the House Rabbit Society may have a snuggle bunny for you.

Judy Moy fell in love with Ella last spring.

"She's about 4 and half now. She spent the first three years of her life in the shelter," said Judy.

Ella was rescued by the House Rabbit Society after being abandoned.

Joyce Kuhns of the House Rabbit Society of Southeast PA & DE said, "All they need is a chance and then they really blossom after that."

Now Ella has a "Hus-Bun" and the two mates have their own castle they call home.

"She lives in her own little play land and she's just a happy happy bunny," said Judy.

Since 1992, the Southeaster Pa. and Delaware Chapter of the House Rabbit Society has been saving bunnies in the area.

Joyce adds, "This is what we want for each and every single one of our bunnies that you know comes through our door."

"They make great pets, they're very sweet and they're very affectionate," said Judy.

This year alone they've made more than 100 adoptions, including another rabbit Judy adopted.

"You don't forget they leave a mark on your heart. They just gel with family life very easily," said Joyce.

There are other rabbits still looking for homes.

If you're interested in any of the animals you've seen in the video, you can visit the House of Rabbit Society website.

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