Serial burglar wanted in 3 counties for 12 break-ins

Friday, December 23, 2016
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The search is on for a burglary suspect who targeted businesses in three counties in the last month.

The search is on for a burglary suspect who targeted businesses in three counties in the last month.

Police in Philadelphia, Bensalem and Radnor Township are investigating at least a dozen incidents.

A smash-and-grab pro was caught on camera, kicking off his rampage Nov. 19 on Aramingo Avenue in Philadelphia, operating overnight using a claw hammer, police say, to smash right through the front door to grab the cash and make his getaway.

"He knows what he's doing in terms of breaking through the front entrance of those establishments, and knowing what he's looking for once he's inside. He's very quick," said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford.

He has used the same M.O. six times in Philadelphia, getting away minutes before police on patrol get the alarm call and arrive at the scene. Twelve times across our area now without getting nabbed - five times now in Bensalem, Bucks County, and now once in Radnor Township, Delaware County.

"He's only in these stores a minimal amount of time," said Radnor Police Detective James Mezler.

His strikes are lightning fast, and the surveillance video is not that clear at the First Watch restaurant in a Lancaster Avenue mall, but he seemed to know right where the cash was being kept overnight.

"He did take a safe, push it across the floor, all the way out the front door, and into the vehicle that was waiting in the parking lot," said Mezler.

Police are convinced it is the same perpetrator involved in the dirty-dozen, month-long spree. They have been able to attain clear video of his two known getaway vehicles.

"It appears to be an older model Mercedes, four-door sedan with a sunroof, and then I believe the other vehicle in Philadelphia jobs was a Town Country minivan," said Mezler.

"So we're working together with those counties to try to get this guy in custody. I mean like I said it's been a number of different establishments that he's hit here in the city and through the Southwest Division as well as the East Division.," said Stanford. "Seems to be the same M.O. every time."

Police in Philadelphia, Bensalem and Radnor are asking anyone with information to contact them.