Heartwarming photo shows waiter feeding baby at Olive Garden

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A simple act of kindness left one mom speechless inside of an Olive Garden restaurant.

Dallas French and her family were having a long, stressful day. Her 4-month-old daughter, Ellee, was sick and tested positive for E. coli at Arkansas Children's Hospital. French said that after her daughter's hospital visit, the family stopped at an Olive Garden.

"I was trying to make a bottle and spilled it all over me and the floor," said French. "I made another bottle and our waiter watched all that happen and bought our salad and bread sticks."

However, what the waiter did next left French and her entire family speechless.

"He said 'Here, let me feed her and you eat,'" said French.
French said the moment melted the hearts of her entire family and was the pick-me-up the family needed.
"He didn't even know what we had went through that day and showed us love and understanding. [He was] not irritated that I had made a mess and my baby was screaming," said French.

When French initially posted the photo online, she didn't know the waiters name, but later learned it was Rob Davis.

"I just wanted him to know how much he helped me in more ways than feeding my baby," said French. "He just stepped in and took care of us. It was just amazing for a stressed-out mom."

French's husband captured the moment in a heartwarming photo and she wrote about the incident on Facebook.

The photo has gone viral and it was shared more than 18,000 times in about 24 hours.