2 arrested after women attacked near Wilmington police station

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- Two women handing out food to those less fortunate in Wilmington, Delaware became the victims of a brutal assault.

Jerushah Jones says she and her wife, Shalyn, were left cut and bruised as a result of the attack.

The couple says they were handing out food Sunday afternoon on Walnut Street when a man approached them.

When the two women tried to leave in their car, they say the man and another woman began punching them.

This all happened just feet away from a police station.

"We walked towards our car trying to get in our car and he pulled the car door open and punched my wife in the face," Jerushah Jones said.

"It was just like really, really unbelievable. Right now we're still shocked to me that this actually happened," Shalyn Carter said.

Wilmington police say they responded as soon as they became aware of the altercation.

24-year-old Nathan Dodson and 21-year-old Eriki Leidy were both arrested.

They have been charged with attempted robbery, resisting arrest, and related offenses.
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