Mom, dad under investigation for allowing kids freedom

A Maryland mom and dad are under investigation after using what they call "free range" parenting. (WPVI) -- A Maryland mom and dad are under investigation after using what they call "free range" parenting.

Alex and Danielle Meitiv often let their 10-year-old Rafi and 6-year-old Dvora walk around their Silver Spring neighborhood together unsupervised.

In December, Rafi and Dvora were walking one mile home from the park when they say the police stopped them.

Rafi said, "It's just two police cars that pulled up claiming that someone called them because of two kids walking around alone."

Now their parents say, they're being investigated for neglect.

"They threatened to take away our kids when I didn't sign the safety plan that they came out with," said Alex.

The Meitivs are both scientists. They call themselves "free range" parents, part of a movement that encourages parents to give kids more space."

Danielle says, "It's really the only way that children can possible develop independence and resilience and confidence that we expect them to have as adults."

The Meitivs say their kids know the boundaries and rules when exploring.

"We always hold hands when we cross the street," said Dvora.

But some parenting experts think that's not enough.

Parenting expert, Stacy Kaiser said, "As parents our role is to teach children and give them the tools along the way while giving them just enough space to try things out on their own. These parents are giving too much space."

The Meitivs were asked, do you worry at all that something could happen with no adult supervision around?

"I mean every day of childhood something could happen. The most dangerous thing we do with our kids is put them in the car every day," said Danielle.

Montgomery County Child Protective Services stated, it can't comment on the Meitiv's case, but "is required to respond to all calls from community members and law enforcement about possible neglect."

The Meitivs say they will not back down from the fight for their kids' freedom.

"It's just common sense to us this is an old-fashioned way of raising your kids, not some new, crazy idea," said Danielle.
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