SF 49er Marquise Goodwin and wife open up about losing son

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Marquise Goodwin's performance on the field scoring an 83-yard touchdown and leading the team to its first victory this season masked a deep personal pain. Just hours earlier Sunday morning his wife, Morgan Goodwin, delivered a stillborn baby boy.

"By the time I got to talk with Marquise he was hurting, but he was adamant that he wanted to play. That's something as a coach you respect," said Kyle Shanahan, 49ers head coach.

The receiver shared a photo on Instagram after the game. It captured the magnitude of the couple's loss showing their son's tiny hand. Morgan tells People Magazine at 19 weeks pregnant she experienced complications and went into preterm labor.

Coach Kyle Shanahan says the decision to play was Goodwin's.

"My experience is you can't judge someone or really anticipate how someone's going to act you just try and support them and help them clearly make the best decision for them and their family," said Shanahan.

Morgan, an athlete herself, gave her blessing for Marquise to play according to People. The couple used fertility treatments following a miscarriage in 2013.

Morgan wrote on Instagram, "I appreciate everyone who kept us in their prayers and constantly checked in on us. This was truly an amazing experience and it was also a tragic experience."

She says the couple wants a large family and they'll try again.