Here are Philly's top 6 Twitter conversations you might have missed

There's nothing like a Super Bowl win -- even if it did come last season.

The tweet from @TempleUniv was a hit on social media, one of the most-liked and -shared among Philly's Twitter users, with over 650 local retweets, favorites, quotes and replies as of this writing. But tweets from people in the city -- over 1.5 million posted between Feb. 7 and Feb. 13 -- ran the gamut from the weather to fire safety to a home with a hidden feature.

It can be hard to make sense of the sometimes chaotic stream of information on Twitter, so Hoodline analyzed data from Philadelphia's Twitter users to identify which local events, issues and curiosities got people most interested in the past week.

@BobBrooks6abc's alert about a series of robberies of La Salle University students was also among the most-engaged tweets by users in Philly, collecting nearly 320:

Also high on the list were weather-related school delays:

What else captured your attention on Twitter?

Hundreds of you congratulated Temple University:

You also gave kudos to @PhillyFireDept and @RedCrossPhilly for installing smoke alarms:

And then there was this tweet about a suburban home newly on the market, which comes with ... literally everything: