New Jersey middle school teacher accused of using racial slur toward students

SALEM COUNTY, N.J. (WPVI) -- A Salem County school district says it is aware of claims that a middle school teacher muttered a racial slur, directed at students in his class.

Students at Penns Grove Middle School in Salem County say the incident allegedly happened during a science class in late February.

Action News spoke with 12-year-old Jameel Yonna Horace who was in the class where the alleged incident occurred.

Horace says that it all happened while she and her classmates were doing research for an assignment. Several students were being too loud and the teacher allegedly mumbled the racial slur under his breath.

"He basically walked away and mumbled under his breath that he's tired of putting up with us--like the word," said Jameel Yonna Horace.

Shameka Turner, Horace's mother, said it was unbelievable.

"I never would have thought that'd I would have to worry about my child going to school to deal with this issue," she said.
Turner says her daughter and several students have given statements to the school on two separate occasions without a parent present.

The district said that it is not at liberty to discuss personnel matters and so it cannot comment on the incident.

The teacher's identity is being withheld.
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