Drivers Say: Potholes? More Like Craters!

MANAYUNK (WPVI) -- Some drivers almost came to a stop going over big potholes in Manayunk on Wednesday.

Some drivers kept pace and we saw them bouncing up and down while going over them.

We were at the intersection of Main Street and Leverington Avenue.

For a while, a metal rod was sticking out of the road and cars were running right over it.

But it's not just in Manayunk: drivers from all over the area we spoke with are hitting potholes.

Shawn Gardini from North Philadelphia said, "It's really weird. Some of them are like craters."

He took us around his car and says he hit a huge pothole Sunday.

He said, "I felt like I screwed my car up so bad. I had to pull over check my tires. It's bad. I hate them."

We also met Mike Gilason.
He's convinced his Jeep has damage after he hit one on Route 23

He said, "It's making noises when I break back or forward. Things are rough when I first start out."

He just hopes any repairs aren't too expensive.

He said, "The steering is all messed up. It's loose, turns when it's not supposed to. When I'm going down the freeway I'm weaving quite a bit."

Around 10 am Wednesday morning a Philadelphia Streets Department crew did show up at Main Street and Leverington Ave. for some repairs.

But drivers say it doesn't look like the job is done yet.

For more information on how to report potholes to your local agency, visit
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