Dramatic video shows SEPTA cop foil theft

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- On a SEPTA train, you just never know when a criminal may be on the prowl ready to pounce on his prey.

On a SEPTA train, you just never know when there's a transit cop ready to swoop in to stop the criminal's evil deeds.

The Huntingdon station of SEPTA's Market-Frankford line is a busy station used by many straphangers.

It can be a place where you have to be on your guard especially while using cell phones.

This week, a 16-year-old learned that the hard way when he was chased out of a train by a thief trying to snatch his cell phone.

Ordinarily, the victim, a Central High School student at the very least may have lost his cell phone to what authorities describe as a hardened criminal.

"This guy has a very extensive criminal record, he's a bad guy," says SEPTA Transit Chief Tom Nestle.

Fortunately in this tale, SEPTA Officer Lt. Michael Wright was on the train.

"A crime occurs and Lt. Wright is blasting out of that train car and threw an attack on the bad guy, great work," says Chief Nestle.

Thirty-three-year-old Zoilo Greo a man with an extensive criminal record was quickly arrested.

The high school student was not injured and got his cell phone back.

"It just makes me smile," says Nestle. "We have such great police officers that work the transit system, and this is one of those leaders that makes it possible for me to have an easy job cause they're out doing good work."

Meanwhile, back at the Huntingdon train station, we showed other riders the video of what happened.

"That's insane," says Jesse Smith of Kensington. "That's insane, I didn't hear about it."

Zaxadi Ramos of Kensington said, "That's amazing, it's crazy and amazing."

And Eneida Ligera of Kensington said, "Oh wow, that's a good thing the cop, that's a good thing the cop was there, yeah that was a good thing."

Of course, Chief Nestle is proud of Lt. Wright whom he says tried to downplay it all.

"It was a beautiful tackle," said Nestle."I said I hope I don't have to lose you to the Eagles, you know Doug Pederson will probably be calling me and I'm willing to talk trade for Chris Long for a future draft pick." He laughs.

All kidding aside, you just never know when an officer Like Wright might be there, so criminals beware.

On the other hand, this should serve as a warning to all people using cell phones on the SEPTA trains.
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