Firefighters rescue puppy who fell into well in Delaware

ODESSA, Delaware (WPVI) -- Firefighters in Delaware answered a very urgent call this weekend when a puppy found itself trapped.

Members of the Odessa Fire Company responded to the 911 call on the 2400 block of South Dupont Highway in Odessa, Delaware after a curious pup named "Thyme" fell down into a well under a deck.

Crews initially cut through the deck and began to dig in an attempt to free the animal, but saw that too much debris was falling into the well. There was also a large boulder they didn't want to disturb.

That's when Deputy Chief Rich Trincia realized the opening was just big enough for one of his firefighters, Morgan Lucey, to fit into to rescue the puppy.

Lucey was secured by a tether and lowered down the well, and in less than a minute she saved the little puppy.

A picture was taken as Lucey pulled the little dog from the well.

Thyme was not hurt in the fall into the well.

Cindy Moulson, who runs the It Takes A Village Animal Rescue, says they plan to fill the well to prevent any other animals from falling in.
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