Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint in Northeast Philadelphia

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Police are looking for five men, two of which were armed with guns, that robbed a 17-year-old pizza delivery driver in the Northeast Wednesday night.

The victim, Waheeb Awad, works at Don Giovanni's pizza shop. The store got a call around 11 p.m. to deliver pizza and wings just around the corner from the shop, at a home on the 1400 block of Friendship Street.

"When I got to the door there was at one time, five people with two guns," said Awad.

When he was approached Awad placed the pizza, wings and cash on the ground. Then walked away as he was instructed. He won't be delivering pizzas anymore.

"I have to think about my life," said Awad.

The owner of Don Giovanni's Pizza believes that the number used to place the order was through an app, Google Voice, which can essentially turn any smartphone into a burner phone.

On the Google Voice app, you can search for a geographical area and fake numbers will pop up for you to utilize. It masks the real cellphone number attached to your account. Investigators call this technique "spoofing."

Investigators at Northeast Detectives are still searching for the five men responsible for robbing Waheeb Awad at gunpoint.

Just three days earlier, 61-year-old Walt Diamond was held up by a man an a woman while out delivering pizzas in Port Richmond.

"He put (the gun) back in my face again, I put my hand up dropped to the food and said 'Go ahead man, you got it.' He went in my pockets, took my money and then he hits me in the face with the gun," said Diamond.

Walt Diamond also quit his pizza delivery job after the robbery, saying it is just too risky.
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