Cherry Hill residents warned of couple posing as township employees

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (WPVI) -- Cherry Hill police are warning residents to be wary of anyone showing up at their door and asking to check the utilities.

This comes after police received three reports Thursday of a man and woman posing as Cherry Hill Township employees and asking for access to houses.

A homeowner on Indian King Drive allowed the pair inside and realized after they left that the male suspect had stolen jewelry and other belongings.

Police received two other similar reports yesterday in the 700 block of Cooper Landing
Road and the 500 block of Fern Avenue.

In those cases, the couple left after the homeowners questioned whether they were really township employees.

"If they ask for any type of proof that they work for the township or other type of service employment, and they decline or refuse to show that ID, the first thing that those people should do is shut their door and then call police so we can come out and thoroughly investigate the situation," said Cherry Hill Police Chief William Monaghan.

All legitimate township employees carry identification with their name, job title, and a photograph.
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