Watch parties, fun planned for last season of Game of Thrones

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As fans prepared to watch some serious battles for the Iron Throne, what better way to get in the mood than with actual sword fighting?

At Battlesword Philly in East Falls, members prepared for the final season premiere of Game of Thrones with their favorite hobby.

"Each and every battle on Game of Thrones is just so memorable and you think about what they could've done better or what would you do if you were actually fighting," said Caleb Clark of North Philadelphia.

"Sometimes it makes me question if my moves are good enough," said Tyler Kelly of Ambler. "But also it makes me realize the amount of work these actors are putting in. They're fighting as hard as we are!"

But these fans also tend to watch the show with a more critical eye. Especially the fight scenes.

"You watch it and you're like - you'd be dead. You're dead now. Why did you do that?" explains Jeremiah Monser-Doman, co-owner of Battlesword Philly.

Game of Thrones has taken the world and the city by storm.

An epic Oreo commercial with a familiar theme song certainly grabbed fans attention.

Even the Flyers got in on the hype, tweeting a White Walker Gritty and other members of "House Flyers."

Atomic City Comics on South Street is holding a free watch party for the next six weeks, right up to the finale.

"We're going to have some event to coincide with each episode. So one night we're going to have trivia, another night we'll have a cosplay contest," said Vienna Enos of Atomic City Comics.

Fans say they're sad to see the show end but they're buckling up for a wild final season.
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