It's Tax Day: We check in with last minute filers

Action News went in search of those filing their tax returns Monday. People had a variety of reasons why they waited.

"I was busy," said Eve Marie Desir of Frankford.

"A lot of other stuff going on in my life," said Culie Hawthorne of North Philadelphia.

"I came Thursday and I didn't have all the documents I thought I had," explained Joanne Dorman of Olney.

"Every year it gets crazy. Everyone's coming in the last couple days they want to get their taxes done," said Eric Todd with Campaign for Working Families.

And with the changes in the new tax law, this year tax prep volunteers at the Campaign for Working Families are busier than ever.

"People used to doing it themselves. They were a little concerned, wanted to make sure everything is done correctly. So we have seen tons of people coming in to get their taxes done," Todd said.

The Campaign for Working Families anticipates at all of its Philadelphia sites, it will do 1,000 returns today alone.

Changes to keep in mind that could affect you for this tax season?

"There's no personal exemptions, so families with a lot of kids they don't get the personal exemption for each child they get a bigger standard deduction this year," Todd explained.

Small business owners should expect their return to look different, too.

"If you contribute to a traditional IRA not a Roth IRA by today, there is a chance you could get a little more of a tax break," said Tobie Stanger with Consumer Reports.

And if all these changes have overwhelmed you don't worry remember you can file an extension.

"A lot of people need extensions for all kinds of reasons and there's really no shame in it and it's really a good thing to do if you're really not ready," said Stanger.
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