Man dressed as delivery driver tries to kill woman with high-powered crossbow hidden in box

Video shows a hitman trying to kill a woman with a high-powered crossbow hidden inside a box.

The shocking surveillance video was released by Canadian police.

It shows a man dressed as a delivery driver and holding a large package. But detectives said he was really a hitman and was ringing the home's doorbell to deliver a fatal attack.

Moments after, a woman answered the door. The two exchanged words and the man fired the crossbow.

Police said inside the cardboard box was a high-powered crossbow holding a razor-sharp big game arrow, designed to bring down and kill elk and moose.

As the man ran off with his package, the woman was able to shut the door and call 911 for help.

Authorities said the injuries she sustained involved damage to her internal organs, and she will be in a recovery phase for the rest of her life.

Detectives scoured the crime scene at the suburban home just outside of Toronto, but could find no physical evidence that could identify the hitman.

Authorities said comments made to the victim by the suspect indicate the victim was targeted, and the suspect may have done it as a request by another individual.

The suspect is believed to have sped away in a dark colored pick-up truck. Police are releasing the video in hopes that someone will recognize the man and call police with a tip that will lead to his capture.