Troubleshooters: A mattress that loses its "memory"

The one thing we all want is a good night's sleep so a mattress is an important investment. One local couple bought a new mattress and said about two months later, it became clear it was defective. It started to sag so much the wife slid off the bed!

Sarah and Richard Roane paid $2600 for a new mattress and an extra $200 for a warranty.

"It is a lot of money and they just act like it was nothing. I mean we worked hard for that money," said Sarah.

Sarah is upset because she said two months later, the memory foam lost its memory. Sarah explained that on her side of the bed started bubbling up in the middle and then the edge would sag down. So she was literally sliding off the bed.

Richard knows the phrase, "Happy Wife, Happy, Life".

"That's the number one motto in this house," he said.

So he asked the store to replace the mattress and told Action News that the store's own inspector said the bed was slanted on one side. But when the inspector looked for the mattress tag it was missing! And that proved to be a problem.

"I said you're going to tell me that you brought this mattress into my house, put it on the bed, and now you're going to tell me because it don't have a tag, the warranty is no good and you're not going to do anything about it," Richard said.

Richard then called the Action News Troubleshooters. After that, the store sent out a second inspector.

"There's some sort of writing on the side. So he went over there and cut part of the covering off and there was some kind of writing and he took pictures of that," Richard explained.

About a week later, the Roane's finally got their replacement.

"I think the troubleshooters are great," Richard said.

Troubleshooter Tips:

  • When you buy a mattress, make sure it has a tag. The tag is required by law.
  • If your mattress is delivered, check for the tag upon delivery, even if you have to take off the plastic.
  • New mattresses should have a white tag.
  • Used mattresses will have a yellow or red tag depending on the state.
  • And keep the tag on your mattress
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