Comedian puts together pamphlet to avoid uncomfortable dating questions from family

A comedian is making an effort to avoid making dating any more uncomfortable than it already is.

Mary Beth Barone handed out a pamphlet to her family members while on a family vacation in Florida.

She titled it, "I'm going on a date while we're on vacation," and, "here's everything you don't actually need to know, but will definitely ask."

In the frequently asked questions section, she explains who the guy is, where they met, his age, what he does for work and where he lives.

At the end, it reads, "More questions? Don't!"

Barone acknowledged that her family is only nosey because they love her, and thankfully didn't ask for the details when she returned from her date the next morning, because after all of that, the guy ghosted her!

She hasn't heard from him since.

I'm sure she'll be talking about it tonight because Barone is performing standup at Good Good in Chinatown here in Philadelphila at 8:30!
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