'Masculine' products receiving backlash on the internet

Two men-centric products are getting roasted on the internet.

First up, it's not just water. It's Liquid Death.

The new company is selling bottled water in tallboy cans with the slogan, "Nothing's better than murdering your thirst."

The Netflix executive who thought of the idea already has $1.6 million from investors.

He says his idea is to market the product to "straight-edge punks" as opposed to "Whole Foods yoga moms."

He argues the can is more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles and is so punk rock.

Then there is a new line of makeup, specially formulated for men.

Although, it's not called makeup. It's called War Paint.

In the ads, a shirtless, tattoo-covered man is shown putting on his war paint while wearing a skull ring for even more manliness.

The company argues men have thicker skin than women and therefore need different makeup.

The internet points out that, figuratively, that may not necessarily be true that men have thicker skin.
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