Unlock Adventure: The Philadelphia Zoo 2019

Unlock Adventure at the Philadelphia Zoo. Rick Williams and Cecily Tynan take you behind the scenes for an up-close adventure May 18 at 7 on 6abc.

Meet the growing giraffe family, the playful gorilla siblings and the a baby gibbon that will take your breath away. We go on a feeding frenzy taking you inside the exhibits as we see how the keepers create relationships with their animals. Learn how the zoo is farming its own food for animals in a groundbreaking new way. We'll also show you the plush new park-like setting where guests can relax with food and drink. And take an adventure in the sky as we test out the brand new WildWorks Adventure course. It's quite an adventure as we take you inside the Philadelphia Zoo for 2019.
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Zoo 360: New Animals and a new perspective
Take a 360-degree look at the Philadelphia Zoo. Learn how the groundbreaking Zoo 360 exhibit is having a global impact. Plus, meet the new animals who are learning the trails for the first time and the babies who are growing up in the trail system. Finally, we'll show you how the Creatures of Habitat and the Zoo Key are not just entertaining guests but spreading an important message about animals around the world.

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The Zoo just opened their WildWorks Adventure course. It's only for the brave of heart, so we sent Rick Williams.

Food and Entertainment at the Zoo
The zoo has added two huge new features. Urban Green is a park-like setting with three food trucks that has turned a meal at the zoo into a relaxing day in the park. We'll show you how the food scene has changed at the zoo. Plus, the WildWorks Adventure course will take you more than 30 feet in the air with a challenging ropes course that will add to the adventure of your visit.
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The Zoo's all-new vertical farm is not for feeding guests.

Feeding Frenzy
The Philadelphia Zoo has created its own vertical garden. Turning a shipping crate into a farm where zoo staff is growing a variety of micro greens to feed the animals at the zoo. Cecily goes on a feeding frenzy making her way around the zoo with some of the animals favorite treats. Get an up close look at the animals and meet the keepers who take care of them.
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Cecily sees how many animals she can feed in one day.

Cecily goes on an animal feeding frenzy
Cecily Tynan zooms around the Zoo to see how many animals she can feed in one day.

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Teaching is a big part of the mission at the zoo. So is conservation, whether that's here in Philly or around the world.

Zoo Conservation
The Philadelphia Zoo conservation efforts have been felt around the world. Meet some of the staff members who are traveling the globe in an effort to rescue species, protect habitats and educate people about the impact they can make in their neighborhood both here in Philadelphia and in other countries.
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We rounded up a few facts about the zoo itself that might be new to you.

Fun facts about the Philadelphia Zoo
We highlight six fun facts you may not know about the Philadelphia Zoo.
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The famous Zoo Key is back, activating stories about the Zoo's amazing animals, and catch a sneak peek Saturday at 7pm on 6abc. Plus, learn how you can win a zoo membership!

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