Bizarre chain-reaction crash ends with driver jumping out of sunroof

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It was your typical chain-reaction accident that happens every day somewhere.

But this one just so happened to take place outside our 6abc studios and was captured on surveillance camera.

It was 6:50 p.m. last Friday when three cars traveling eastbound on Monument Road near City Avenue slowed down due to a blue car stopped ahead.

But the driver of a red Cadillac apparently did not see the cars had come to a stop and slammed right into the rear of the third vehicle causing a chain-reaction accident.

Video shows the driver of the Cadillac jump out of the car through the open sunroof while the car was still moving, inching towards our building

He was about to make a run for it, but realized he forgot something in the car and dove in to get it.

Moments later, he ran off, losing his flip flops along the way, and all before the other motorists realized what had just happened.

It was over 21 minutes later that Pennsylvania State Police would arrive on the scene to investigate.

All this time, the driver of the Cadillac was nowhere in sight until he arrived in the back of another state police vehicle almost 44 minutes after the accident.

Forty-six minutes after the crash, an ambulance arrived to check on those who were injured, including a young child.

All of the injuries appeared to be minor.

An hour after the accident, police appeared to issue the driver of the Cadillac a citation and leave.

And somehow, someway, an hour and 17 minutes after the accident, while paramedics were still taking care of the injured, the driver of the Cadillac got in his car and was able to drive it away.

State police have not yet revealed what the driver has been cited for.
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