Hopewell Valley Central High School senior comes up big on the basketball court

PENNINGTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Basketball players are known for their giant stature, but sometimes size isn't everything on the court. Just ask Hopewell Valley Central High School senior, Adam Pavicic.

Pavicic, who was born with achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism, stands just over four-feet-tall but has never let that stop him.

"Growing up, being different, it never really bothered me. No one ever really thought different of me," said Pavicic.

Adam is a sports fanatic. He played basketball and ran track for Team USA at the 2017 World Dwarf Games.

And at Hopewell, he's the manager for both the football and basketball teams, playing a huge part on each. But he's never actually played in a game until Saturday Night, Senior Night, when the basketball coach had him suit up.

And the very first play of the game he came around a screen at the top of the key, and hit a 3 pointer!

Heart over height? Well, Adam's might be the biggest of all.
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