Eddystone family wants answers after stray bullet hits home, narrowly misses child

EDDYSTONE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Delaware County family wants answers from police after a bullet flew into their home, but there is a question which town the shot came from.

It happened on Friday night in the 1200 block of Eddystone Avenue in Eddystone.

Resident Mary Ann Blissick has had a lot on her mind for the last three days.

"Who would think it would do all that damage?" she asked.

It's one of the many questions she's had since Friday when a bullet came flying in through her window into her dining room.

"I just can't get over what they told me and what nobody is doing," Blissick said.

Holes are visible on her awning, through her window, and even the curtain. The damage continued in the dining room where a wooden ornament appeared to have gotten the brunt of the bullet.

"It must have hit that and fell down," she pointed out.

The bullet hit not far from where Blissick's 12-year-old grandson was sitting.

"If it happened lower, he would have gotten it in the back of neck or the back," Blissick explained.

Three other children were also in the house, but not injured.

Blissick said outside of the initial response and a follow-up, she's received little information.

To make things even more complicated, she said Eddystone police have told her the shot was fired from neighboring Chester City.

Chester police tell Action News they do believe the shots may have come from their side, but have no official report on the case.

The whole thing has left Blissick fearful and frustrated.

"I'm afraid to even stand by my door right now, you know what I mean? I try to get in as quick as I can and I try to get the kids in the house because when it gets dark I don't know what's going to happen," she said.

Blissick is grateful nothing bad did happen to anyone inside her home and said she believes authorities are investigating.

Action News has reached out to Eddystone police but have not heard back.
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