Sixers rookie gets creative during COVID-19 quarantine with TikTok videos

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia 76ers' Matisse Thybulle is getting creative during this COVID-19 stay at home order.

"It's been really frustrating, for me just being in the middle of my rookie season to have it end so abruptly with no resolution, no conclusion has been tough and just to find that outlet that I need, that basketball was for me, has been difficult. It' been hard to not go out there and express it," Thybulle tells Action News.

He has been trying to find other ways to express himself these days. It turns out the rookie on the court, is a savvy veteran when it comes to social media.

With the coronavirus situation keeping him at home, Thybulle is using TikTok as another way to connect with fans.

"I figured what's a better time than now for me to do something that's potentially a little uncomfortable but could be entertaining for me and a lot of other people and kill some time in the process," Thybulle says. "The response has been surprisingly good. I thought I was just making stupid videos in my apartment but for some reason, people really like them so I might try and come up with some more ideas to create."

Thybulle has creativity in his blood. One of his passions away from basketball is photography, and he can often be found wandering the city of Philadelphia taking pictures of local landmarks.

Unfortunately being stuck inside is getting in the way of his favorite hobby.

"I've been trying to respect the quarantine as much as possible so I haven't had the chance to explore and go outside and take photos," he says.

Instead, he's been using this time, to look inside himself, and he suggests we all do the same.

"Just use this time to expand your mind and grow in places you have wanted to and haven't had the time to," he says.
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