Machine being used to sanitize N95 masks, surfaces in hospitals amid COVID-19

EXTON, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- During a time when the words "disinfecting" and "sanitize" trigger so many, one company says they have a product that can do just that.

CURIS, the machine and solution branded as the first portable, hydrogen peroxide based fogging system, is designed to decontaminate spaces and surfaces regular cleaning just can't.

That product is now being used in some instances to help disinfect the increasingly important N95 masks amid COVID-19.

It is also used in places where clean can make the difference between life and death.

"It's designed to go into high security level, biosafety level 3, 2, facilities and decontaminate those spaces," said Bridget Collins, owner of Colcom and Pathogo.

Collins is the national distributor for CURIS, which was developed in Florida.

So far, Collins has sold about 50 to 60 units nationwide.

Collins says the goal now is get the technology into hospitals and long-term care facilities in the throes of COVID-19.

"If they can decontaminate those high BS3 level facilities, we know that we can decontaminate easier-to-kill viruses like COVID-19," said Collins.

Last year, Collins sold a unit to Penn State Health, who began testing and conducted a study to see if it could disinfect N95 masks for reuse.

"We're seeing folks probably get 10 to 12 uses out of it, but we can probably get 20," Collins explained.

Due to the results, Collins says the West Virginia National Guard recently purchased the machine to disinfect a large container of masks.

"They are going around their community, decontaminating ambulances and going to firehouses and the police force," said Collins.

Collins says while the technology is not a substitute for cleaning, it can be an effective ally in the battle against the coronavirus.

Collins also stated the company is in the process of FDA approval, thanks in part to the studies on the technology already out there.

"It's more readily available, it's easier to use," said Collins.


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