War veteran celebrates 102-year-old birthday with a parade in West Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Narberth Rice is quite literally the king, sitting on his throne outside his West Philadelphia home.

"Happy birthday grandpop I love you," said Harriet Rice, Narberth's granddaughter.

The war veteran celebrated his 102-year-old birthday with a parade of about 102 cars driving by and honking.

Rice is a man of few words but was smiling under his face mask as car after car lined up on the 4800 block of Wyalusing Avenue.

With friends and family waving out their windows, the birthday parade was coordinated with the help of Oak Street Health who help take care of Rice.

"We're just proud to be able to take care of a patient like this and show our support to the community," said Yaw Jyabaah of Oak Street Health.

Harriet Rice says she hopes she can make it to triple digits one day. "Oh wow I want to know if I'll get there too, if I'm going to live like that I would love to if I can be like him I want to be 102-years-old."

Family at the parade says the secret to living a long life is to stay happy, and the birthday party today certainly brought a lot of happiness during these tough times.
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