Delaware announces plan to move into Phase II of economic reopening

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- Small business owners in Delaware say the past several weeks have been rough.

And Matt Franklin, who runs a screen repair kiosk inside Christiana Mall, says that's putting it lightly.

"We were put in such a hold that we were just hoping the mall picks back up and people start coming back to the mall so we can play catch-up," said Franklin.

Governor John Carney has announced Delaware's Phase II economic restart will begin, in earnest, on Monday, June 15.

But it's really a rolling restart that includes the June 8 reopenings of businesses like tattoo shops, massage parlors and nail care businesses just to name three.

Those establishments can open their doors on the 8th at 30% capacity by appointment only.

Action News spoke with shoppers who say at this point they'll take what they can get.

Tatiana Velazquez of Wilmington says, "Honestly, we've been waiting. We got tired of going to the same store, grocery store, back home. Grocery store, back home. Like, it gets tiring."

Once June 15 rolls around, businesses already open at 30% will be allowed to expand customer access to 60% and that includes restaurants.

Phase II will also allow childcare services in Delaware to open to all Delawareans, not just essential workers.

This all comes as very welcome news for officials from Christiana Mall, which is partly open already with the expectation of fully reopening over the next few weeks.

Mall general manager Steve Chambliss says, "We're just really glad to be back open and it's been 10 long weeks and we're excited as, I'm sure, the shoppers are so ready to get going here."

Governor Carney adds that this does not mean the pandemic is over. Everyone is still expected to take proper safety precautions, including social distancing, wearing masks and washing your hands.
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