COVID-19 antibodies may only last a few months, new study from King's College London shows

LONDON (WPVI) -- A new study out of London shows antibodies to COVID-19 may only last a few months after infection.

It was the first study of its kind to look at the immune response over a longer period of time.

Researchers at King's College London followed 90 patients.

Blood tests show the majority produced a strong response with antibodies to the virus at the height of the infection, but only 17% retained that level three months later and in some cases, antibodies to COVID-19 became undetectable.

This doesn't necessarily mean someone can be re-infected that soon after recovering, because other elements of the immune system may also play a role. But it could mean a vaccine would face a similar fate, with protection only lasting several months.

People would need to be re-vaccinated if that turns out to be the case.

The study still has to be vetted, but researchers will be looking at this type of information to determine the level of immunity a vaccine will have to produce in order to be effective.
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