Philadelphia native using entrepreneurial talents to help feed children

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- After moving from Miami and back to his hometown of Philadelphia in 2016, David Dominguez took note of some of the neighborhoods that weren't doing so well, and he wanted to do something about it.

"For some reason, I always had Philadelphia or kept Philadelphia in my heart and just seeing the needs here in the city-- we want to focus on the solution," said Dominguez.

A possible solution was the Philly Dream Center. It's a community outreach program that began in Los Angeles over 25 years ago, and David wanted to bring that help right here to Philly.

"We find needs and we fill them and find hurts and we heal them," he says.

Those needs worsened after the area was quarantined and schools closed. Some students rely on attending school to receive regular meals.

"So we said, 'How can we help the children?' And we saw a lot of children that when we would give them a simple snack it seemed like it was the only meal they had that day.

Then he had an idea: a food truck with a drive-thru system.

"We're building out a mobile kitchen in a truck and we're gonna park it outside of schools and go to like summer programs that can't provide meals, and our idea was during the school years park it outside of schools," said Dominguez. "And as kids come out at the time of dismissal we send them home with a hot meal. We saw so many children that maybe their parents were undocumented, maybe they were addicted, maybe they were in prison and our hearts just broke for them."

And his work is not finished just yet.

"I want to raise some funds so that we can purchase a building and finish our mission to really help people in the City of Brotherly Love," said Dominguez.
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