Salesianum School opening 'schoolhouse' for children of teachers, staff

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- Schools everywhere are trying to find ways to get students, staff, and faculty back in classrooms.

Salesianum School in Wilmington, Delaware realized to do it, they needed to figure out how to help their teachers and staff care for their own children during the school day.

Students return to school on August 24 with a hybrid model.

Salesianum, a private boys Roman Catholic High School, came up with the idea of creating what they're calling an onsite schoolhouse for the children of their teachers and staff.

It comes out to about 60 kids, grades kindergarten through 8th.

The school is in the process of hiring a schoolhouse director to watch over and guide the kids through their own school's lessons during the day.

"The thought was to create a school within a school basically where we wouldn't be creating the curriculum for those kids," said Brendan Kennealey, President of Salesianum School. "They're all enrolled in their own schools, but what they really needed was a safe place with supervision so that they could complete their own education with some adult supervision."

The so-called 'schoolhouse' will likely be set up in the school's existing library.

The children of teachers and staff can be socially-distanced while doing their schoolwork.

The school is accepting resumes now for its schoolhouse director.

Teachers and staff have told administrators that they love that they will have this safe, onsite option for their children so they can go to work.
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