Vandals target Havertown, Pennsylvania man's Trump yard sign

HAVERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A man in Havertown said he's fed up with young people who keep vandalizing a political sign outside his law office.

John Williamson said he put up a Donald Trump sign in the front lawn of his law offices a couple of months ago, and it's been defaced ten times now. He has put up a surveillance camera at the corner of Eagle and Lawrence roads to try and catch the vandals, but so far Havertown police have not been able to identify who's responsible.

Williamson has a big sign that cost him around $200 which reads, "God Bless Us Everyone," and below that, it said "Trump." He has currently placed his order for his third sign.

Williamson also had a smaller sign with the tallies of the number of times people have vandalized the bigger sign. He also has another sign telling people a new Trump sign is on its way. Williamson said the sign has been spray-painted with crude drawings and offensive language.

But Williamson's Trump sign is only part of the problem.

An Action News viewer sent us a picture of a Biden/Harris sign that was vandalized on the 300 block of Green Lane in Roxborough. Offensive language was spray-painted on the sign, outside someone's home.

"If you vandalize a Biden sign, it agitates the Biden people, so I would never vandalize a Biden sign. But I think when they vandalize my sign it agitates, it gets my people excited, and they're more likely to come out and vote," said Williamson.

Havertown police said they are looking for the vandals.
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