Photographer searching for women in vintage photos found at thrift store

One woman's rare thrift store find has launched a viral social media campaign called #FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives.

It started when a photographer named Meagan Abell developed negatives she found at a secondhand store in Richmond, Virginia.

The gorgeous set of prints features two women.

Abell says all she can tell is that they were taken in the 50s.

She's posted them on Facebook to try to find the women and the photographer.

Abell wants everyone to look closely - is this your mother? Your grandmother?

One woman responded and said the beach looks just like a beach in Los Angeles.

She superimposed one of the pictures over that shot and it does look like a perfect match.

If you have any information on the origin of these photos, Abell says she can best be reached by e-mail at
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