United Kingdom Rolls Out AstraZeneca/Oxford Vaccine for COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's another sign of hope on the horizon.

82-year-old Brian Pinker in the United Kingdom became the first outside of a clinical trial to receive the coronavirus vaccine made by AstraZeneca, along with Oxford University.

"The vaccine means everything to me. I mean it in my mind it's the only way of getting back to a bit of normal life," Pinker said.

In the U.S., health officials say we could see results from AstraZeneca's trial as well as from Johnson & Johnson soon, but experts say authorizing and distributing those vaccines will likely happen closer to spring.

But the rollout of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines continues. It's a much slower pace than expected but vaccinations are now underway at nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Fauci: COVID-19 vaccinations are increasing in a 'glimmer of hope'
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The U.S. saw record travel and record COVID-19 infections amid a vaccine rollout mess.

Some healthcare workers on Monday got their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Governor Phil Murphy was at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey to celebrate the milestone there this morning.

Doctor Rachel Levine,Pennsylvania's secretary of health, says expect efforts to vaccinate more people to kick into high gear now in the new year.

Pennsylvania is still in the first phase of distribution, called 1-A. The state is planning for later phases including how to get the general public vaccinated.

She says scenes like in Florida - long lines, people waiting hours - are not part of the plan.

"We'll have an info system when people can sign up and have an appointment to go to the vaccine clinic or maybe your local pharmacy," Dr. Levine said.

Hospitals in Pennsylvania have also been asked to set aside 10 percent of their supply so it can be given to healthcare workers not affiliated with large medical centers.
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