Local lawmakers push for President Trump to be impeached

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- On Wednesday, It's been a busy day for local lawmakers after the events that recently unfolded at the U.S Capitol.

They spent hours on a conference call where the focus was finding the quickest way possible to remove President Trump from office.

"I believe we must impeach this president," said Congresswoman Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania's 4th congressional district. "I hope we do it as soon as absolutely humanly possible."

Dean says she backs a move by House Democrats to have President Trump removed from office.

Like other democratic leaders, she holds the president responsible for the violence that played out in D.C.

"I had no idea that the president down on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would tip-off, incite, and light the fuse for insurrection and an attempted coup. It is nothing less than that," said Dean.

Dean and other representatives were part of a caucus call this afternoon with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, where the focus was quickly impeaching President Trump. A move they believe can and will happen.

"I'd like to see him resign ideally. However, I will do impeachment immediately. He could resign. He could be impeached. I want to take any action that shows he was to be accountable," said Congressman Dwight E. Evans from Pennsylvania's 3rd congressional district.

Democrats would need a simple majority to impeach the president.

However, the Senate has the power to remove him from office, which is still not likely at this point.

With only 12 days left until the Inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, Democrats say the fight to remove President Trump is worth it.

"This is a shocking, shocking, dark day for our country. So I call upon the Senate to say we are with you. Whatever we have to do to remove this president from office. Article 25, impeachment, or simply get him to resign," said Dean.

Action News has been reaching out all day to local Republican Lawmakers for a response but has not heard back.
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